Last purple ridge of cotton purple flower

We have been busy crafting at RH Marketplace!

In fact so busy, most of us did not have time to post or add anything new in awhile.

Originally, this site was just the artisan Radical Homemaker making items that were both useful and reusable. Later Annie Grannie and Piercing Moon Creations joined. With services and support from aileenspaintings and etinasoftware the site has expanded.

During 2020, we decided to invite other artisans to join, as we tried Shopify. This created a lot of work and monthly bills for us.

So in 2021, we moved our site back and using Woocommerce, bought a multi-vendor license. It allows each artisan to login independently and be in charge of their own wares, in their own “store” space. The site was renamed “RH Marketplace” but still includes Radical Homemaker as a vendor

As we begin another year, still dealing with COVID variants and lockdowns. We are opening registration again, to offer Vendor spaces to other local Artisans and Small businesses, that may not have an online presence or might want another space to showcase in. Read Selling on RH Marketplace for more information.

Thank you for Supporting Small Creators!!

Stay Healthy and Safe!!

Radical Homemaker

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