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It is September!

We keep saying it is crazy how time has been flying by, especially with the quarantine affecting how we seem to engage in everyday life, but, it’s true. Time really has flown by and we are already at the end of the summer.

 It would be a total bummer if we weren’t knitters, crocheters and weavers. Autumn just means that it’s time for sweaters and blankets, AND we can start working on winter items like hats and mittens.

There’s so much beauty in autumn. Besides the colour of the leaves and the calmness that happens just before winter as we all start hunkering down just makes this time feel pretty peaceful. 

The fall isn’t everyone’s favourite season and a lot of people dislike the winter, but I can’t wait to see the beauty of the changing landscape and enjoying a fire when it’s not sweltering outside. I can knit up sweaters and not feel guilty because I will be able to wear them immediately. I can play with my fibre without it sticking to my sweat. Yes, autumn can be an amazing time.

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy.

Let’s look forward to another month of keeping on.

Products & Vendors

LAK designs: All types of handmade cards.

Piercing Moon Creations: Beautiful handmade masks, junk journals and more

Annie Grannie: Tea cozies with matching tea towels, half/half’s and cloths.

Radical Homemaker: Metal-free belts, dyed wool, fibre tools, and more.

This month we would like to Spotlight:

Last year, Sept 8th, 2019, we participated in the Wool Grower’s 1st Annual Women’s Event. We had hoped to enjoy a 2nd year, but most events have been cancelled this year. The event helped raise awareness and donations for the LCIH. 

So we would really like to highlight Lanark County Interval House (LCIH). During this pandemic cases of domestic abuse, including verbal, emotional, sexual and physical violence against the elderly, the sick, the disabled, children and women, have been skyrocketing.

By April, in Ontario, we saw a 21% increase in abuse cases and 20% increase in people having to seek out a shelter. As the quarantine eases and people are able to go back to work or get out of the house, we can only hope this number goes back down. However, the case remains that this issue is serious and our society is letting down more than half of our population.

Lanark County Interval House is our community’s main shelter and it has been incredibly impactful to the fight against domestic abuse. Not only have we been able to volunteer there and even use their services such as therapy, we have seen them grow from one small building to having a house donated to them so more women could get back on their feet. In such a small rural area, the amount of abuse that often goes unnoticed or unreported is fairly high due to the fact that where do those encountering abuse go? They may be way out in the country where they can’t make it to town on foot. It is very isolating. The LCIH provides a shuttle for those in rural situations who need help to get out of the area.

Before the pandemic LCIH saw a decrease in the amount of times a woman will go back to her abusive partner, dropping from nine to seven times, before they feel they can leave. During the pandemic, it has been harder. Those charged with assault are often released because they don’t want a COVID-19 outbreak in jails or prisons and so the abuse continues.

I could sit here and write about this for pages and pages about the serious issue of abuse and how it plagues our society. Instead, I want to ask you to reach out to friends and family who you may be worried for and be there to listen. Talk to each other and make conversation even if it’s really uncomfortable. Research places in your area who specialise in helping abuse victims and donate clothes, food, time, or even money to them. There are too many women who end up missing or murdered. Men, look up the White Ribbon Project and all of us, stop victim blaming and help provide a safe and healthy community where those who abuse are not accepted. 

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Pattern: Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth

Level: Easy

Another Pattern Source:https://www.artfulhomemaking.com/knitted-dishcloths/

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