Fellow Radical Homemaker, Yvonne Baldwin-Desmarais, began a Kickstarter for her Herbal Healing Tarot Deck. Yvonne runs her own site and blog over at Piercing Moon Creations where she focuses on making mystical and occult style artwork.

As part of the Radical Homemaker collective, she is one of our knitters, crocheters and clay sculptors. While she loves handmaking items for our shop here at the Radical Homemaker, she also loves painting.

Beginning last year in January 2018, she started her project of making a Tarot deck based on her love of plants. Studying some of the cultural, symbolic and medical meanings behind the plants, she matched them to a card from the Major Arcana. Each of the plants were specially chosen for the suit and the card itself. It took a year for her to finish the artwork and purchase two demo sets for her and her mom.

Now, she wants to share the accomplishment with those who have similar interests.

So, head on over to her Kickstarter where she is offering some cool rewards for helping her in her endeavour. Also, there’s a lot more information about the deck on the Kickstarter itself.