quarter pound wool with spindle

Spring 2023 Drop Spindle Spinning Workshop

2-Week Workshop in Umiujaq, Nunavik

A Small Fly-In Only Community in Northern Quebec, Canada

Sharing Skills in Fibre, Spinning, Plying and Setting

With an Extra Project for Finished Wool

In this 2 week workshop, we will be learning the basic skills to hand-spinning wool on a drop spindle and crocheting a basic headband.

The workshop will include:

  1. A Canadian made wood, Bottom Whorl Spindle and approximately 113.5g or 1/4lb of wool.
  2. Wool Basics including bumping and hand carding wool, adding a leader, drafting, plying and setting.
  3. Use your plied wool to crochet a basic headband
  4. Bring 2 jars or spinning bobbins, for transferring plys.